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Jumbo's Photo Gallery Here. Back to Profiles Page Here.
The reminiscences of an Artificer Apprentice Here
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jASON BERNARD JAMES Nick names: Jumbo, Jamie, Jimmy, 'ere you  
Married to Kelly. Children: Alex (33), Musician; Debbie (30), Glass Artist
Now living in Bournemouth, Dorset                                                                         
     Apprentice JJ at FISGARD
At Condor from the Spring of 1950 to December 1952
Left the RN in May 1953 with full 100% Disability Pension

Post-RN Career:
       September 1953: "I worked as a semi-skilled airframe fitter with De Havilland A/C Co Christchurch (in
flight shed) then the following: Assistant to a market trader - Clerk in Contracts Department, Flight Refuelling Ltd. - Sales Office Manager, Revvo Castor Co. - Carbery Engineering Ltd., marine engine department manager. Self employed fitter Flight Refuelling Ltd (towed target systems) - Sales Office Manager Hunt and Company (Racking and storage systems, compressors) - Sales Office manager & Export Sales Manager, Wessex Industries Ltd (fork lifts and industrial tractors). -Technical Sales Rep for ATEL (ground handling equipment for airfields) - Sales Rep for Coventry Climax (fork lifts). - Sales and Marketing Director Orwak Linley Ltd (compactors and balers), my own company.
      Retired 1990."

Jumbo & Al Hyde with LAST FLING
"Travel  with the R.N was restricted to trains and riding a tandem around Scotland with Fred Gooch. However, with work, much of it was in the export trade and I'll list: Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Holland, Belgium, France, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Kuwait, Bahrain, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Malta, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore,
Sweden and South Africa.( Better than travelling Grey Funnel Line?)"                                                                                                                                      Jumbo up another river        

      "My hobbies & pastimes? Being happily married and helping to bring up two lively youngsters was the best. However, SCUBA diving taken up in 1954 was rewarding. Was a member (5 yrs) of the BSAC National Diving Committee. Qualified as a First Class Diver in 1967 (No. 88). Packed it in finally last year. Special memories of that were: 1. Finding a complete Sub in Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight. 2. Coming face-to-face with a white pointer shark at 20 metres, off Simons Town Harbour , S. Africa. Also a keen sailor. Have had 24' yacht for 20 years, others before
that. Skipper Offshore certification." 

Jumbo & Kelly in 2001
For the CONDOR Reminiscences of a Young
Artificer Apprentice (by Jumbo James)

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