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Harry Reynolds

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BRIAN R C REYNOLDS. Known in the RN as 'Harry' (after Harry James) on account of his skill with the trumpet
Married to Babs. Two children: Paul (46) and Susan (43)             

Now living in Eastbourne, Sussex                                                                                             
AT CONDOR 1950 to 1953
Left the RN at the end of 1972

Up the mountains in 1951

      "Most of my time was served in various workshops, and I became a qualified AID welder. My only front line squadron was 848 in Aden (1967/68). I finished my last four years service at Lee-on-Solent as a member of NAMEB.
      "I retired as an AA1.
      "I suppose I was always known for blowing my own trumpet, but I did enjoy being responsible for organising the members of volunteer bands of various air stations to come to CONDOR and rehearse for a couple of weeks before entering the Scottish Brass Band championships, which we
did with some success under the baton of Jock Aird." 

      "After a brief spell working for Saunders Valve Co, as a Technical Rep., I went to live in Teheran (Iran) as the Middle East Manager for the same company. Some months later, Saunders had problems with the then Arab boycott, so I joined a German  oil/gas field supply company and
travelled extensively throughout the Middle East on business. I left Iran in 1980 and went to the head office in Dortmund, returning to the UK in 1982. I then became the UK Director of the company, working first from Kensington then Croydon, and finally Chepstow in S.Wales. In 1993, I decided that I'd had enough and retired. Best thing I ever did!"

      "Most people who know me well will also know that my major interest in life was always playing trumpet in any band I could get into but, unfortunately, I have not blown a note since around 1974.
These days, I spend my time wood-carving, restoring china and, of course, the inevitable gardening."      
                            Harry & Babs in 2001

      "If any of the guys I used to play with in various bands read this, I would love to hear from them."