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Bill Daysh

Bill's Photo Gallery Here. Back to Profiles Page Here

WILLIAM G E DAYSH Known in the RN as Bill
Long term partner Linda, known to most as Lin
Married three times. Children: Sam, Sophie, Caroline & Mark.
At the last head-count there were ten grandchildren.
Now living in Costa Blanca, Spain .                       
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Sam & Sophie

AT CONDOR May '50 to Jan '53                        
LEFT THE RN May 1971                                                                                                 

HMS DAEDALUS (AA5) 01/53 in transit for HMS EAGLE (NASSO 144 training on 803 Sqdn,
Attackers) & passage to HMS FALCON.
HMS FALCON  from 02/53 to 01/54 (AA4)
HMS FULMAR - AHS, Anson, Mosquito, Meteor & Vampire - 02/54 to 06/56, including two shots at the  ROYAL ARTHUR course (the first was aborted for a visit to RNH Haslar)
HMS HERON 10/56 to 10/58 - Station Flight, Dragonfly & I/C Vampire Pool (AA3)
HMS GOLDCREST 10/58 to 05/59 - Metal Workshop & Hydraulic Bay
HMS FALCON 05/59 to 11/60 -Test Flight, Venom, Seahawk & GES Sheet Metal Shop (AA1)
HMS SANDERLING 11/60 to 03/63 - Sea Vixen RDU (inspections & mods) & Royal Tournament A/c conversion task
HMS HERON (RAF Old Sarum) 04/63 to 06/63 - I/C Dragonfly Flight
HMS HERON 06/63 to 08/64 - 766 Sqdn I/C watch MU, Sea Vixen FAW1 & I/C Vixen Flexi-servicing.
Promoted A/Sub Lieutenant
RNC GREENWICH 09/64 to 11/64 - 'Knife, fork & spoo'n course
HMS THUNDERER 11/64 to 06/65 - RN Engineering College Manadon. (Eng Sub Lt)
HMS FULMAR & HMS EAGLE 07/65 to 08/66 - AEO of Scimitar 800B Flight (in-flight refuelling)
HMS DAEDALUS 10/66 to 02/69 - MARTSU Survey & Repair Officer. (Eng Lieutenant)
Awarded MBE in 1967 New Year's Honours List for service in 800B Flight on the Beira Patrol  
HMS CONDOR 03/69 to 08/70 - Manpower Control Officer, POAF's Divisional Officer & Ship's Div
ing Officer        
HMS DAEDALUS 08/70 - Examinations Officer & POAF(A/E) Divisional Officer.
Discharged on voluntary redundancy 04/71                                                                             

      "IBM OP Sales, London. Won the course 'golden handbag' (briefcase) award, which carried the
folklore that the winner always left the company early. Splendid company but left after 1 year, head-hunted by Commercial Metals Ltd. (forward metal traders on the London Metal Exchange) as the UK Sales Manager.  But left after 6 months (unsettled in 'Civvie-Street'). Joined Abbey Life Assurance Ltd. as a life assurance salesman and progressed to Branch Manager. Left to join fledgling Hambro Life Assurance Ltd. (known now as Allied Dunbar) as a Branch Manager (11 years).
Left and joined other Life Companies then finally became an Independent Financial Adviser.
Semi-retired October 2000.
      "In between times, I spent 2 years inventing & bringing to the market a new kitchen tool that was predicted to a winner that would make me rich. But it didn't, and I'm not, even though it worked beautifully."

      "I used to be fairly active in the RN and played hockey for every ship/station I served in, plus the Navy in Scotland & the Mediterranean Fleet teams. I carried that on after I left, playing for Wimbledon Hockey Club until Sophie was born, plus squash. I also continued sub-aqua diving for several years and dived on the Mary Rose site when it was first discovered, plus other diving expeditions in the Scilly Isles & Channel Isles. The last time I dived was with my children in Turkey, in 1999. When in Scotland and Lee-on-Solent I used to play golf. I now do none of the above. 
      "Instead, my time is now spent computer-fiddling (mostly graphics & video) - skiing (whenever possible) - writing: I took a Guildford University Creative Writing course and subsequently completed a 'factional' novel wrapped  around the RN's considerable involvement in the Gallipoli Campaign of WW1. This novel under the title Over By Christmas is now being published and should appear on the shelves towards the end of 2007. I currently  have a small collection of short stories published on line at
www.authorsonline.co.uk, and  I have, in the past, published the odd technical and WW1 magazine article.

      "It goes without saying that the births of Sam & Sophie so late in my life were the most important
events in my life (not to take anything away from my older children), apart from finally having Lin for a partner. 
      "As to the things that went on during my RN service, the stories that stick in my memory come from several different areas - flying, diving, & MARTSU - and they are a bit long. But anyone who is interested those can download them Here."
      "When I was Condor's Diving Officer, I led the ship's Sub Aqua Club on a number of dives on local wrecks. On one such expedition, we found the two huge propellers (each weighing 14.5 tons) of HMS ARGYLL, a  battle-cruiser that ran aground on the Bell Rock during WW1. Many years later, while doing some research for my first book, I researched the story of how she came to be on the rock and published  short story about this little piece of history that was sitting on our doorstep all the while we were apprentices at Condor."