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Reunion 2008 - RM Condor

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To read a full report on this reunion click HERE

All photographs on this page including the photo gallery below
were donated by professional photographer Wallace Ferrier
and are  Copyright Wallace Ferrier 2008

To view Nev Boulton's two photo galleries of the 2008 reunion please click HERE

The attending members of the reunion group and their ladies at the 45 Commando Falklands War Memorial at RM Condor, September 27th. 2008
Left to right: Margaret Ayles; Cyril Ayles; Janet Auger; Brian Auger; Thelma Boulton; Nev Boulton; Emma Jemmet; Harold Jemmet; Christine Evans; 'Taff' Evans; Rita Sanger; Mike Sanger; Don Amor; 'Mac' McColl; Jean McColl; Jason James; Kelly James; Rod Brown; Joan Brown

[Members unable to attend: Slim Forrest; George Couchman; Richard Van Kempen; Brian Reynolds; Don Harris; Alan Hyde; Jack Martin; Mike Ware; Brian Wright; Mike Power & Bill Daysh]

"The Lads" meeting RM.... outside Condor's Sergeant's mess where lunch was laid on.
Left to right: Cyril Ayles; Rod Brown; Jason James; Brian Auger; Taff Evans shaking hands with WO2 Clive Lucking RM (the day's host) with Mac McColl and Don Amor behind them; Mike Sanger; Harold Jemmet & Nev Boulton.

Wallace Ferrier's Gallery